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mafia-online-game.com is a free multiplayer online mafia game MMO. Create the most respected mafia in the world. Build your own mafia empire, start a family, and become the very best! You can play mafia-online-game.com in the web browser of your computer, but also in the web browser of your mobile phone or tablet.

In mafia-online-game.com, the goal is simple: become the most powerful and respected mobster in the virtual game world. To achieve this objective, you are handed your own Mafia Empire. The Mafia Empire is essentially the hub of the game, where you have several establishments – including a mansion, meth lab and hospital – that can be upgraded. When it comes to upgrading, you are rewarded with in­game benefits to further help you in your overall mission to reign supreme over competing mob
bosses. An example of this includes upgrading your money press to a higher level,
resulting in it producing more cash than before.
Along with upgrading your Empire, there are many other activities to participate in.
From gambling your riches playing one of five casino games to performing the
perfect crime to improve your standing, there is a wide variety of things to do that will
keep players immersed in the experience.

Game Features

Fully upgradable Mafia
Empire: produce your own
cash, ammunition and crystal

Five interactive casino games: Slot
Machine, Wheel of fortune, Blackjack,
Higher/Lower, and Roulette.

From the petty to the
sophisticated, perform crimes
to boost your standing – but
watch out for the police!

Attack other players with the
ammunition you have culminated from
your Empire. Win the duel and steal all
the available loot from the opposing

Gain Mafia Power by buying
troops. Upgrade their stats
and equip them with weapons
to better help you during

Start your own mafia family, or join one
as you work together with other players
to battle against rival families.
Cross­Platform Function.

Start now!

Choose your game language:

Deutsch | English | Español | Français


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